500 days of summer

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so its been a long time since ive been on here
went condo hunting with mom and heeds today
saw a bunch i liked
now we just have to figure out the money shit.
unfort. i didnt go out with larry today
i slept until 1030 pm and he just got back from country thunder so we didnt go out
and now he starts work tomorrow from 4pm-4am
how much does that suck.
dont even get to see my bf
blahh work and school sucks
party at my place this weekend!
hell yes to parents out of town
as heidee said today
parents out of town + alcohol + larry/friends = fucking good time
kinda like friday - the roof top!
500 days of summer

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mary poppin's bag

so this afternoon i'm going through my favorite bag, clearing out all the garbage, in hope to find out why it weighs 40lbs...

so i pose this question to all you ladies and gentlemen~ (i know there are some of you out there who secretly carry a purse out with you when no one is looking... Just Kidding!) out there:  why do our bags always weigh 40 pounds?! 

i mean... what the hell is it that we carry in there that makes it weigh so much?  everytime i clean out my bag, it feels so light and organized... not two weeks later i feel like i'm carrying a small child on my shoulder when i leave the house in the morning!  after spending about 15 minutes throwing things out and packing them back in organized.. i've come up with this list... and after reading it... you'd swear i could at any moment pull out a floor lamp, a small couch, and a bowl of goldfish...

whats in noelle's bag:

3 sticks of gum, 4 peices of loose various candies, 6-7 napkins (various ones from dunkin' donuts and starbucks), loose change (totalling $3.53 in nickles dimes and pennies), 10 pens (two of which dont write and one of which has written all over the napkins i found in my bag), 2 lip-liners, bubble gum flavored chapstick, 1 coconut lip gloss with sparkles, 1strawberry lipgloss w/o sparkles, 1 comb, 1 brush, 2 scrunchies, 1 barret, 6 1/2 bobby-pins (the 1/2 being 1 that was broken), 1 lipton green tea-bag (unused of course), 1 needle, 1 lighter, 1 razor blade, 1 eyeliner, 1 baby shower invitation, 1 pocket calendar, 1 cell phone charger, 1 cell phone, dental floss, oh yes... and my wallet.

i really don't think i'm the only woman suffering from this either...

500 days of summer

hold on it gets better as you go

so im still recovering from last night
went to rocky with heidee
omg it was the funniest thing in the world with her
we saw a girl from marian who was a virgin so he had to go up on stage
haha gunna give her shit on monday
totally thought it was the last show
but thank god thats not until october
didnt get home til like 4am
had to read my summer reading book today
totally sucks and boring
off to do whatever
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500 days of summer

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this week is rocking hard core
cate came over monday and spent the night
killer breakfest
then band camp is actually okay
then today im going to stephs house today
to spend the night
and have a great time
yahhh yahhh yahh
500 days of summer

i think i got heat stroke!!

im pissed off right now
i could be at splash down dunes
with cate, steph, and katie
but nooooo im at work
this sucks balls
im so hott
i wanna be there so bad
if someone wants to do something later
give me a call
or if u wanna go with to 6th flags
great fun all around
god i wish i was with them!!!
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500 days of summer

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just left guard and now im at work
im about to fall asleep
im so tired
i dont wanna be here at all
guard we learned a very ghetto dance for fball show
diamond and stacy made it up
oh i was the best!
im gunna go home and watch
You Got Served to get in the frame of mind!!
500 days of summer

Even the best fall down sometimes...even the wrong words feel so right

so i should be at guard right now but im not
im at work but i dont have to start for like 10 minutes
band camps actually not that bad
we dropped it like its hot yesterday
which was funny
he said it was a drop it like its hott season
fun stuff
to bad im a major white girl
tomorrow only till noon thirty
and yahh for cate for hopefully getting her new bed
and yahhh for next monday
ohh and yahh for me making 3 people run
ohh funness
im out
500 days of summer

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unfortunatly the week if over
hell camp starts tomorrow
at least i had a great week
went to mich. with cate
rode my first jet ski
hung with dell friday
and saw Sky High with cate yesterday
which totally rocked!
fell in love with warren peace
haha what a name
must see undiscovered when it releases
all in all a great week
but it will all end tomorrow
ill get to see everyone everyday
thats the only thing im looking forward too
then after the two weeks are over
school starts
hopefully it will go as fast as this summer did!
oh god but then im leaving!!
how crazy is that!!
ok ok enough
i must finish making set books for the family
they will rock
im out
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500 days of summer

Im a believer in punctuality, though it makes me very lonely

oh crap
i just got back from registration
what did i get myself into!!
i took for religion Christian Living and the Writers Vision
thinking 'hey i like reading and writing, this will be fun'
ummmm so not!!
the teacher (mrs pasyk) seems really hard, we have to beable to thoughtfully discuss the book to the whole class and now i have to read 6 more books for that class!!!
ohh shit
Im really confused about my lunch also
arent i supposed to have it 5-6 after band?
but according to this i have it 4th.
i hate school
its way to confusing
and i have 3 other teachers that ive never heard of!
i better figure this out
oh well if i have an extra lunch
500 days of summer

Lets hug it out bitch

so ive had an amazing yet busy weekend
saturday after work i went to a graduation party
for a girl from gymnastics
that was so much fun
i decided to spend the night
cause after the grad party was over
her 22yr old sis was having people over and they were having a real party
sarah got so drunk it was hilarious!
all she had was 3 smernoft twisted vodkas
i had one but it was so sweet i didnt have more
but then me and matt spent the night so we had to listen to sarah giggle the whole night
then i had to wake up at 830 sunday cause i was going to 6 flags
that was alot of fun
sarah and matt came with
we waited a fing 1 1/2 to get on superman!!
thats bullshit!!
all the other lines were short tho.
everyone was going to hurrican harbor
although in line for the log ride
there were like a group of 15 yr olds who were smoking pot
and they were dumb asses who where screaming about the pot
and a mom got mad and found the cops and told them about the pot
so when we got off the ride the cops had to question us about it
and since we knew what they looked like we had to go into the station
and make statements about what they were doing
all in all a very exciting day!!!
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